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Why is Social Media so important?

For business, Social Media has moved far beyond what was ever expected, and the sharing of information via these platforms is quicker and more effective than ever before.

Businesses have turned to Social Media to harness the advertising power that these networks offer, and are gaining exposure to huge new audiences that they had previously been unable to reach.

Facebook has 1.65b regular users, Instagram 400m and Twitter 310m.

Social media can be the most inexpensive sales force your business will ever have on board.

Introducing Social Secretary

a low cost, professionally managed business Social Media service ensuring a strong, effective and regular presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So where does Social Secretary come in?

Well, keeping up on any of the popular Social Media Networks is quite often something which companies don't always have the time to do, and unless there is a specific person in your company who can regularly and effectively take on the role, unfortunately it is one that can often be ignored.

Using your own Social Media accounts, we will create engaging posts to tell others about your company, what you do, what is new, your latest offers, and ensure regularity, posting routinely on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

So, Social Secretary is here to take on the role for you, get Social Media working for your business,  and make sure that you are regularly seen across the three most important and popular platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What if we don't have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Don't worry, if your business isn't already using Social Media as part of your sales effort, we'll very quickly have you up and running. The process is really simple with all three platforms, and we can set up your accounts for you if you wish.

How do people see what is posted?

All three networks use the Hashtag System (#tag). When we create a post using specific hashtags that are based around your services, your location etc, the hashtags we use will get your posts onto feed pages generated by the networks. People then see these posts by following, searching and browsing the keyword that your hashtags generate.

As an example, using the hashtags #london and #courier would expose a post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed pages based around London and Courier Services.

What else will get included in my posts?

We will include links back to your website and specific pages at your site that are relevant to your posts and hashtags.

We can also include links to pretty much anything else you want such as events, news or updates from your company. We would periodically create links from one of your Social Media accounts to your others to widen your exposure, and we'll include content from your website and associated links to your web pages.

And if there is a specific target that your sales team are focused on, just let us know and we'll focus our efforts there too.

Is Social Media good for Search Engines?

Yes! Social Media pages and profiles are indexed by Google and other search engines, so simply having a presence on the three most popular networks will naturally increase your visibility to people using search engines.

However Social Media has become so popular, and can be accessed on any type of device from anywhere, people now actually use these networks as search engines in their own right, to find services and products or indeed specific companies. If you are there and your pages are informative and actively engaging, you will be found.

Will people see that Social Secretary is making our posts?

No not at all. We work as you, and never include any of our own Ads or sneaky links to ourselves. There are lots of Social Media services that will, but our intention is to generate traffic for you not ourselves.

Is there a contract for using this?

No. We won't look to tie you into any sort of binding contract. We are confident you will be happy with the service, and that you will see an increase in web traffic and contact rate because of the regular social media exposure. But there is no contract and of course no hard feelings if you decide its not for you :)

Does it cost anything when posts are made?

No not at all. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make no charge to open accounts or when posts are made. There is currently no charge for using any of the platforms. Facebook do offer 'Post Boosting' which is a paid for optional.

So what is the cost?

We hope you'll be surprised!

£49.00 per month

The cost is just £49.00 per month inclusive. This works out to a little over £11.00 per week to have us on board effectively managing your business Social Media.

“This is exactly what we needed to support our online activity, and is a function we found we couldn’t really manage properly in-house. Social Secretary looks after everything for us.”